About Us

Our team is made up of several members that have worked on hundreds of different emulator projects. We have spent thousands of collective hours modifying and tweaking our online source engine platform to allow it to run all the Nintendo portable consoles. Our goal with this release was to create an emulator that could take advantage of any modern computer system or portable device, tablet, or smartphone and run Nintendo games with ease. We wanted to create a 3DS Emulator that anyway could access from anywhere and was completely user-friendly. We have a lot of friends and family that have helped us test this emulator on a plethora of devices, all with resounding success.

We hope that all of our users get countless hours of enjoyment out of our Nintendo 3DS emulator. Whether it is nostalgia or just wanting to use a more portable system, our emulator is perfect for any of our user’s needs. We want to help people reconnect with some of our best childhood memories and hope we have done that with this release.

In addition to our Nintendo 3DS online emulator, we wanted to help connect gamers to each other so they could better experience some of their favorite titles. Our emulator features a fully functioning game link so you can play and interact with other players like never before!
Our team hopes we have succeeded in meeting our goals. And even more importantly, our whole team here hopes you enjoy what we think is the best site for Nintendo 3DS Emulators!