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Our team looks forward to hearing from you! Please let us know anything you might have on your mind! Whether it’s something you think we should change about the site, an issue running a particular game, problems with the sound, or problems with the video please let us know how your experience is using our site.

Because of the vast collection of games our Nintendo 3DS emulator covers, we do encounter errors with certain games from time to time. If you contact us, we will attempt to message you back with twelve to twenty-four business hours. We try to fix all the errors our users find. After getting back into touch with you, we will message you back from time to time with progress on fixing whatever the particular issue may be. Because of the nature of some of the roms and our 3DS emulator, the repair time can vary.

If you have an issue with the emulator, not loading, not showing a picture, or not making a sound, please get a hold of us immediately. After sending your message, please allow us twelve to twenty-four business hours to respond. We treat issues with using our emulator with top priority and will work with you until the issue is resolved.

If you just want to send in an idea on something we could do to make the site better, please do so! Our team thrives on feedback and we want our users to help us decide what the future site should contain.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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