Frequently Asked Questions

Having any issues using our online Nintendo 3DS Emulator? Well, before you submit your query, we recommend you to check out our most frequently asked questions and see if that helps you.

• Can I emulate any Nintendo Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and Nintendo DS and 3DS games?
Yes, you can emulate and play all the games with complete functionality, just like you do on the native console. Whenever you choose a game, an instance of it is executed on our servers and is displayed directly on our website along with the virtual control keys to play the game, you don’t have to install anything to start playing your favorite games. Our online emulator is designed to support all games from the original Gameboy to the Nintendo 3DS.

• Do you charge any money for the games?
No, all the games are available for free and we impose no restrictions on our users.

• Is it free?
Yes, you can always use our Nintendo 3DS Emulators for absolutely free as many times as you want, and we aim to provide this service for free, as long as we’re online.

• Is it legal to use 3DSEmulators?
Absolutely. All the games are licensed from our end, and we don’t technically distribute or manipulate the copy the game, so it’s completely legal.

• Can I use using my mobile?
Yes, you can use your laptop, tablet, Android, Windows or iPhone devices to play all your favorite Nintendo games using our emulator.

• Can I use multi-player mode on this emulator?
Yes, you can use the multi-player mode if the game supports it, but the emulator itself has no limitations and has all the functionality a console does.

• Can I use Gameshark cheat codes?
Absolutely, the emulator is equipped with a Gameshark plugin, which places the Gameshark code in the virtual memory of the emulator, so that you can use all your favorite Gameshark codes. You can also use hex editing cheats to enjoy your favorite games to their full potential.

• How can I contribute to
We generate revenue from adverts on our website for maintaining our services and keep us going, so we recommend you to disable your ad-blocker, or any other plugin or extension that may block elements on our website, so that you can access the complete functionality of our software. Please recommend to your friends and family and let them enjoy their favorite Nintendo games for free!

• I’m facing some issues playing a game on the emulator, what do I do?
We recommend you to try again in a couple minutes if you’ve encountered a lag in the gameplay, however, if the issue is persistent, please write us your issue in detail, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Most issues get auto-resolved by a special algorithm that checks the emulators every couple minutes.

• My issue is still unanswered / unresolved, what do I do?
Please scroll down to find the “Contact Form”, and explain your issue in detail and we’ll respond as soon as possible. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improving and adding more functionality to our software.